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Wood Drop Collection Site


Buckeye Wood Energy LLC collects tree trimmings, chipped or shredded wood and clean pallets at our facility in Trumbull County, OH located near Cortland (map) at the intersection of Ohio Routes 5 and 11.  We accept wood from tree trimming operations year round.  We do not accept treated or painted wood.

Waste Wood Drop Off Collection Programs are beneficial to communities because they reduce the amount of waste deposited in landfills.  Waste Wood Accounts for about 17% of urban waste landfilled.  It is expensive for communities to dispose of waste wood at landfills, especially when there are environmentally friendly alternatives.  Buckeye Wood Energy recycles waste wood into useful thermal output.  Energy that heats and cools buildings or is used in other industrial applications. 

Key Benefits

  • Recycling Waste Wood reduces disposal costs
  • Preserves landfill life, requiring fewer landfills
  • Recycling just makes sense.  It's environmentally friendly.


Buckeye Wood Energy accepts tree trimmings, wood chips, sawdust and clean pallets.  The wood must be free of paint or other potentially harmful substances.  We do not accept treated wood.   We can accept one thousand tons of wood a day at our Trumbull County location.  Our Youngstown location will be operational in the 1st quarter of 2007.

Buckeye Wood Energy also works with local governments to reduce waste wood disposal costs by arranging for local collection sites in the community.  This wood is gathered and transported by the local government to our processing facility.

If you have waste wood, please contact us for information on how we can assist you with disposal.


Wood Pickup Service


As a service to large volume waste generators, Buckeye Wood will pickup and transport large quantities of wood waste.  We require a suitable loading ramp, front loader and operator to fill our walking floor van trailers, and a minimum pickup of 24 tons of wood.

Waste Wood Pickup Service.  For large volume waste generators, Buckeye Wood Energy LLC will pay the costs of transporting the waste wood our processing facility. 

Our normal service area is within 200 miles of  Youngstown, OH. 

We require the waste generator provide a suitable loading ramp, front loader and operator.  We supply the walking floor van trailers, tractors and drivers. 

Key Benefits

  • We accept wood waste year-round

  • Compensation plans based on volume

  • We are large enough that you only have to deal with one company for waste wood disposal


We currently have disposal markets for sawdust, wood chips and quality mulch.  These are all steam boiler or direct fire operations in our service area.  All of the boilers operate under Air Permits issued by state environmental regulators.

If you generate 20 Tons or more of waste wood a month, please contact us.


Community Waste Wood Recycling


We assist communities in establishing waste wood recycling programs to reduce landfill costs and promote responsible environmental management of our country's resources.

Waste Wood can be recycled.  Buckeye Wood Energy assists local governments in establishing Waste Wood Recycling Programs.  There are several options available.  The waste wood can be picked up weekly in a curbside program, or residents can deliver the waste wood to a central collection point.  Or,  communities can schedule quarterly or semi-annual pick-ups.

Recycling is Cost-Effective.  Many communities believe they do not generate enough wood to make recycling worthwhile.  Waste wood accounts for 17% of the materials deposited at urban landfills.  How much garbage does your community generate a year, how much does it cost of dispose of that waste and how would you like to cut your disposal expense by up to 17%? 

 Key Benefits

  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • Longer landfill life
  • Responsible Environmental Management

If you are ready to lower your wood waste disposal costs, please contact us.