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General Information

Buckeye Wood Energy was founded in 2006 by John Rambo to provide communities, businesses and industries a low-cost alternative to landfilling of waste wood.  Buckeye Wood Energy recycles sawdust and wood chips derived from tree trimmings, wood shavings, scrap wood from processing operations and brush from land clearing into useful thermal energy.

Our clients include a community heating and cooling system in Akron which heats and/or cools hospitals, office buildings, university buildings and individual homes.  Other clients include boiler operations heating greenhouses, firing industrial boilers and plants that recycle paper and wood products.  In 2008, Buckeye Wood Energy will begin supplying boiler projects in Ontario, Canada.

By Turning waste wood into useful thermal energy, Buckeye Wood Energy is reducing America's dependence upon foreign oil.  At the same time Buckeye Wood is slowing consumption of our nation's resources and reducing the amount of materials going into our nation's landfills.

Contact Information

For information on wood collection programs or to purchase wood for your energy needs, contact:

     John Rambo, President

     Buckeye Wood Energy LLC

     Telephone:  724-554-3752

     Or via mail at:  1271 Hillcrest Road

                              Wellsville, OH, USA 43968