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Waste Wood to Energy Process

Buckeye Wood Energy LLC collects waste wood from communities, businesses and industries for use as fuel for steam generating boilers or in direct-fire boiler operations. The waste wood is chipped or shredded to accommodate the boiler feed systems. Our customers include community heating and cooling systems, university heating systems, greenhouses and direct-fired plants.

Our Mission

To reduce the amount of waste wood being landfilled while providing safe, energy-efficient recycling of waste wood generated by communities, small businesses and large industries.  To provide a low-cost, renewable fuel source as an alternative to natural gas, oil or coal.  To make businesses and industries environmentally responsible by providing cost-saving initiatives to reduce, re-use and recycle waste wood generated in daily operations.

Company Profile

Buckeye Wood Energy LLC helps local governments, businesses and industries lower operating costs by reducing or eliminating the need to pay for costly disposal of waste wood in landfills.   Buckeye Wood Energy is a young, rapidly growing company founded by John Rambo.

Mr. Rambo has an extensive background in broadcasting, sales, marketing, management,  computer technology and e-commerce.

     "With the unstable nature of third-world, oil-producing nations, and the growing reliance upon foreign oil, American businesses are turning to alternative fuel sources.  Buckeye Wood Energy was created to serve this niche market.  Wood is a cost-efficient, renewable fuel source.  Millions of tons of waste wood can be diverted from our nation's landfills to help meet our energy needs.  We provide an alternative to costly oil and natural gas and a real savings for our customers.

                                  John Rambo, President

                                   Buckeye Wood Energy LLC