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Buckeye Waste Energy LLC  provides chipped, shredded or mulched wood and sawdust for burning in steam generating boilers or direct fire operations.


Sawdust is a waste product from the cutting, milling or processing of lumber.  Our sawdust comes primarily from saw mills, processing mills, cabinet making operations, etc.

The wood residue is reduced to a rough powdery texture and is used to fuel industrial boilers.   

Key Benefits

  • Clean burning fuel
  • Low Cost compared to oil or gas
  • Available year round
  • Usually higher BTU per pound than green chips

Pricing information is available upon request.


Wood Chips

Chipped Wood usually comes from tree trimming, land clearing and timber harvesting operations, or from chipping lumber end-cuts and waste wood  The branches and limbs are cut off of the main trunk and processed through a chipper to product small "chips" usually about one to four inches.

Key Benefits

  • Green Wood or Dried Wood chips available
  • Available year round, plentiful in spring and summer
  • Low cost

Pricing information is available upon request. 


Mulched Wood

Mulched Wood is commonly used in landscaping applications and consists primarily of tree bark left after harvesters have trimmed and removed the bark off main trunk.

Key Benefits

  • Plentiful resource
  • Shredded to small  2" or smaller size
  • Cost efficient compared to Oil, Gas or Coal.

Pricing information is available on request.